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Seeknit KA

Koshitsu Interchangeable Short Set 2" - 12 sizes

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“Koshitsu” is a product that has achieved a smoother surface and longer lasting durability through “high temperature and high pressure treatment” and “impregnation of natural plant wax” developed by our company based on our vast experience over 100 years of history. It is characterized by the apparent density of the needles, the glossy surface, and the slippery feel. And above all, it is our original lineup that no other company offers. 

12 Interchangeable Circular Needles Pair Tips




US Size Product ID Length cm Screw size
2.25mm US1 58743 5 cm M1.8
2.50mm US1.5 58744 5 cm M1.8
2.75mm US2 58745 5 cm M1.8
3.00mm US2.5 58746 5 cm M1.8
3.25mm US3 58747 5 cm M1.8
3.50mm US4 58748  5cm M2
3.75mm US5 58749 5 cm M2
4.00mm US6 58750 5 cm M2
4.50mm US7 58751 5 cm M2
5.00mm US8 58752 5 cm M2
5.50mm US9 58753 5 cm M4
6.00mm US10 58754 5 cm M4


9 Cords

Cord Length Product ID Screw size
13cm(5″) 06946 M1.8
20cm(10″) 06947 M1.8
30cm(12″) 06949 M1.8
13cm(5″) 06500 M2
20cm(8″) 05854 M2
30cm(12″) 06145 M2
13cm(5″) 56219 M4
20cm(8″) 05857 M4
30cm(12″) 56220 M4

3Cord Joints

Screw Size Product ID
M1.8 58184
M2 58590
M4 58591

4 Cords

Cord Length Product ID Screw size
13cm(5″) 06946 M1.8
20cm(8″) 06947 M1.8
40cm(16″) 06951 M1.8
60cm(24″) 06954 M1.8

1 Cord Joint

Screw Size Product ID
M1.8 58184

1 Pair Stoppers

Screw Size Product ID
M1.8 07020


Environmentally Friendly Paper Packaging - Plastic-Free.