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Rabbit Row Yarns & Haberdashery

Needle Felt an Ornament with Your Pet's Fur!

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Wed, November 15th 5:30-7 PM - in person only

What better way to personalize an ornament than making a keepsake of your best friend?  You will incorporate your collected pet's fur with 100% natural wool to needle felt an ornament. 

Materials You Need to Bring/Homework:
We can work with any amount of fur.  A quart-sized ziplock bag full would be ideal, but even a small amount can be incorporated.  The best fur is the undercoat (real fluffy and not coarse), but any kind of fur can be used.  Do not use fur from your dryer lint trap or from the floor - it should be 'pure' and taken off your pet.  
You will need to wash it properly - there will be a wash kit to pick up at least a week before so that you can wash and dry in time for class.  (The washing step is REALLY important, as I'm allergic to cats & rabbits - I know, that last one is a quite the irony. 🙀).
Rabbit Row will supply the wool, felting tools for your use in class and ribbon for hanging.